JPEGMAFIA and Freddie Gibbs are beefing amidst ‘VULTURES 1’ success

Collaborators clash despite chart-topping album
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Following the meteoric rise of Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign’s latest album, VULTURES 1, the hip-hop world is buzzing with excitement. But amidst the celebration, a heated feud has erupted between two of the album’s collaborators: JPEGMAFIA and Freddie Gibbs.

The twitter spat

In a spicy Twitter rant, JPEGMAFIA, affectionately known as Peggy by fans, took direct shots at Freddie Gibbs. The trigger? A seemingly innocuous tweet from Gibbs:

" I’m like if stand on business was a person."

Freddie gibbs’ nonchalant retort

Gibbs, seemingly unfazed, posted a video of himself working out in a gym—reportedly in the same hotel as Peggy. But he didn’t stop there. He claimed to be waiting in the lobby for the Baltimore-based rapper. The tension escalated, and the internet couldn’t look away.

Digging deeper: The history

This isn’t the first time Peggy has thrown shade at Gibbs. In a now-deleted post, Peggy called out Kanye West too, saying,

"I respect you, but the way you acknowledge n**gas who have less to offer you than me makes me feel a way."

Ouch! Peggy wants recognition for his lyrical prowess, not just his beats.

VULTURES 1: The album that ignited the fire

Both JPEGMAFIA and Freddie Gibbs contributed to VULTURES 1, which soared to the top of the Billboard 200 chart. Kanye West himself called it a “beautiful time,” and Ty Dolla Sign echoed the sentiment on Instagram. The album features collaborations with North West, Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, Quavo, YG, Nipsey Hussle, and more. Standout tracks include “KEYS TO MY LIFE,” “BACK TO ME” (featuring Freddie Gibbs), “DO IT,” and the potential chart-topper “CARNIVAL.” 🎶

The beef continues

Despite their joint success, the feud between JPEGMAFIA and Freddie Gibbs rages on. Perhaps it’s the competitive spirit or creative clashes that fuel this fire. Whatever the reason, hip-hop fans are keeping a close eye on these two artists. Will they reconcile or escalate? Only time—and Twitter—will tell.