Kanye vs. Drake: The dynamics of trendsetting and trend following in music

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In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, two titans stand out: Kanye West and Drake, for example. They both lead absolute following and have a chokehold on the charts and the culture pop. Nevertheless, the ways they treat music and remain relevant are different.

Kanye West, who always sets trends, runs his own zigzag. It's not that he blindly follows what's popular; he makes what nobody else can. Since its inception, Ye has been about breaking stereotypes, defying norms, and having an influence on the genre. He's not searching for who's at the top of the charts now; he's looking for what makes the artist inside him stand up and take notice.

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On the other hand, Drake may be a successful rapper, but he is also tagged as a trend follower. He cruises by riding along with trends and what is popular in culture. The collaborations of Drake with the up-and-coming artists as well as the ability to sense the pulse on emerging sounds have certainly played a significant factor in his longevity as well as his triumph in the market.

Take, for instance, Drake's knack for collaborating with up-and-coming artists like Isla Mcconnan, Blockboy JB, Lil Baby, 21 Savage, and now Yee. His approach to music relies on him always being in sync with the flow of the current times, thereby maintaining the music as up-to-date and relevant to the listeners.

Meanwhile, Kanye West's joint ventures and endeavors come from a higher level of perception of talents and creativity. He's not carried away by the group trends or the instant glamour of immediate fame. Kanye’s courage to assert for the artists like Ty Dolla Sign, considering of their current popularity statue, demonstrates his dedication to the cause and the music vision.

Eventually, Kanye West and Drake represent two diametrically opposite ideologies in the music industry. Kanye incarnates the archetype of inner-artistic freedom and self-expression, while Drake manages the whirlwinds of contemporary trademark with an acute sense and skill. Their crossways shows the polarized character of public success in music, where either genuine expression and novelty or commercialization may prevail.

In the end, whether you're Team Kanye or Team Drake, one thing is certain: these relationships between trendsetters and followers keep on changing and evolving the distinct landscape of music as we know it; leaving every music enthusiast continually titillated and curious about the endless future possibilities. "You didn't know, now you know." -- as Suspense rightly said.