Lil Jon drops guided Meditation album

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Atlanta’s iconic rapper and producer, Lil Jon, has taken a surprising detour from his high-energy club anthems. On February 16, he quietly released a guided meditation album titled Total Meditation. Yes, you read that right—Lil Jon, the man behind hits like “Turn Down for What” and “Get Low,” is now guiding listeners through moments of tranquility and self-reflection.

What’s inside “Total Meditation”?

The album features 11 tracks, each clocking in at 10 minutes or less. These bite-sized meditative journeys promise to relieve anxiety, boost focus, and help you find inner peace. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Welcome: Lil Jon’s soothing voice invites you to leave the chaos of the world behind and step into a serene mental space.
  2. Boost focus: Need to sharpen your concentration? Lil Jon’s got your back.
  3. Imagine nature: Close your eyes and visualize lush forests, babbling brooks, and sun-kissed meadows.
  4. Relieve anxiety: Let go of stress as Lil Jon guides you through calming breaths.
  5. Feel gratitude: Cultivate appreciation for life’s simple blessings.
  6. Nurture friendships: Reflect on the importance of human connections.
  7. Coping with grief: Lil Jon acknowledges life’s hardships and offers solace.
  8. Body scan: A mindful exploration of your physical sensations.
  9. Mindful breathing: Breathe in, breathe out—Lil Jon’s got your mindfulness covered.
  10. Deep relaxation: Sink into blissful relaxation.
  11. Deep sleep: Prepare for a restful slumber.

What inspired Lil Jon?

In an exclusive interview with XXL, Lil Jon revealed that turning 50 prompted him to explore meditation.

"I’ve always kind of meditated a little bit,” he shared, “but when I hit that milestone, I started going through a lot of things."

The album became his personal refuge during challenging times.

Why Meditation?

Lil Jon isn’t the first artist to venture into this unexpected territory. Fellow Atlanta rapper Andre 3000 also dipped his toes into meditation waters last year. Perhaps there’s something about hip-hop’s frenetic energy that draws artists toward these serene oases.

Whether you’re a die-hard Lil Jon fan or a curious seeker of calm, “Total Meditation” invites you to hit play, close your eyes, and let Lil Jon guide you to a place of inner stillness. So, next time you’re tempted to “snap yo fingers” or “do yo step,” consider taking one deep breath instead. Lil Jon approves.