Review of A Gift & a Curse album by Gunna

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Gunna has now become one of the most polarizing figures in hip-hop today. For over a year, he has been fighting a R.I.C.O. case with Young Thug and the YSL label. However, Gunna was released in December of 2022 to rumors of him snitching Young Thug and his fellow labelmates.

Rating A Gift & a Curse by Gunna

Gunna decided to remain very quiet throughout the allegations. All of that changed when Gunna released his first song since his release titled, "Bread and Butter." The track showed Gunna address the world about the snitching allegations, while aiming subliminal shots at people that took shots at him.

This led to the announcement of a new album named, A Gift & a Curse. There are some rappers we know that won't support the album. The album sales are still high, despite not being as much as his previous album. However, Gunna is still one of the bigger rappers in today's game. This album is going to be prevalent in the culture, but more so of hearing what Gunna has to say about everything that has transpired over the past year.