Rick Ross praises Kendrick Lamar’s lyrical skills, comparing him to André 3000 after listening to 'meet the grahams

Rick Ross praises Kendrick Lamar: A modern André 3000?
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Hip-hop mogul Rick Ross dropped a bombshell: he compared Kendrick Lamar’s lyrical prowess on the track “Meet The Grahams” to none other than André 3000.

For those who don’t know, André 3000 is a legendary figure in the rap game, known for his unique style, thought-provoking lyrics, and genre-defying approach. So, what exactly did Rick Ross mean, and why is this comparison turning heads? Let’s dive into the details.

Andre 3000
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Kendrick Lamar: The new André 3000?

Kendrick Lamar
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Rick Ross recently made an interesting comparison between Kendrick Lamar and André 3000. He stated that Kendrick’s rapping skills on the track “Meet The Grahams” are reminiscent of André 3000’s style.

Essentially, Ross believes that Kendrick is the closest thing we have to André 3000 in terms of sound and image. It’s quite a compliment, considering André 3000’s legendary status in the hip-hop world.

But what does that mean? Let’s break it down:

Lyrical dexterity: André 3000 is revered for his intricate wordplay, metaphors, and storytelling. Kendrick Lamar, too, has consistently delivered thought-provoking lyrics throughout his career.

When Ross draws this parallel, he’s acknowledging Kendrick’s ability to weave complex narratives and evoke emotions through his rhymes.

Artistic innovation: André 3000 pushed boundaries with OutKast, experimenting with different sounds and themes.

Kendrick Lamar, similarly, has never shied away from tackling societal issues, personal struggles, and introspection. Both artists refuse to be confined by traditional hip-hop norms.

Impact: André 3000’s impact on the genre is undeniable. His influence extends beyond music; he’s a cultural icon.

Kendrick Lamar, with albums like “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City” and “To Pimp a Butterfly,” has also left an indelible mark. Ross likely sees Kendrick as carrying the torch that André 3000 lit.

The Kendrick-André connection

Interestingly, Kendrick Lamar and André 3000 have crossed paths before. Back in 2012, when Kendrick was previewing “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City,” he reserved a private listening session for André 3000. The mutual respect between the two artists speaks volumes about their admiration for each other’s craft.

Rick Ross’s comparison isn’t just a passing comment; it’s a nod to Kendrick Lamar’s artistry and André 3000’s legacy.

As fans, we can appreciate both artists for their contributions to hip-hop. Whether Kendrick truly becomes the modern André 3000 remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: their impact resonates far beyond the music charts.

Listen to the full song below