Suge Knight appears to diss Eminem regarding 2Pac album 'flop'

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Suge Knight, the influential figure behind Death Row Records, has raised eyebrows in the hip-hop world by seemingly taking a direct shot at Eminem. Knight's comments insinuated that the album featuring Eminem collaborating with the late Tupac Shakur was a 'flop', igniting a firestorm of debate among fans and industry insiders.

In a recent episode of Collect Call With Suge Knight, the 58-year-old delved into topics such as loyalty, the music industry, and shared anecdotes about working out with Katt Williams. Within this conversation, Knight touched on the multitude of individuals attempting to capitalize on 'Pac's legacy after his passing and singled out one record that suffered as a consequence.

In this statement, Suge Knight, the former CEO of Death Row Records, is suggesting that many artists expressed interest in collaborating on songs with Tupac Shakur, and some actually had the opportunity to work on projects related to Tupac. However, according to Knight, there was only one specific project that didn't perform well, and he attributes this lack of success to Eminem, who produced that particular album across various releases.

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The project in question is "Loyal to the Game," a posthumous album featuring unreleased recordings by Tupac, with production handled entirely by Eminem. Suge Knight implies that despite the general success of other posthumous Tupac albums, the one produced by Eminem didn't resonate with audiences as positively and experienced a decline in performance, hence referring to it as a "flop." Knight doesn't go into specific details about why he believes this particular collaboration didn't fare well, but he singles out Eminem's involvement as a distinguishing factor in the perceived lack of success.

" A lot of people been wanting to do songs with 'Pac, and some people even did some sh*t with 'Pac. There was only one 2Pac project that ever flopped before, and that's the one Eminem did on all the releases. All the rest of them were successful."

Knight's comments, however, have added fuel to the fire, reigniting debates about the authenticity and quality of posthumous projects. The perceived diss towards Eminem has divided fans, with some defending Knight's remarks and others expressing disappointment in his choice of words.

Eminem, known for his lyrical prowess and storytelling ability, has been a subject of controversy throughout his career. While he has garnered immense success and critical acclaim, he has also faced criticism and backlash for his provocative lyrics and controversial statements. This latest exchange adds another layer to the ongoing narrative surrounding his impact on hip-hop culture.

The tumultuous history between Suge Knight and Eminem has been recounted, notably by Tony Yayo. The G-Unit member shared the anecdote during a Drink Champs interview last year, recalling a moment at 50 Cent's "In Da Club" video shoot in Los Angeles in the early '00s. Knight, accompanied by a group of Mexican gangsters, caused chaos upon his initial arrival. However, Eminem reportedly stood his ground, displaying fearlessness in the face of the infamous mogul.

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