Top 4 most underrated Hip-Hop albums of the last 10 years

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Every year we see tons of Hip-Hop albums released to the masses. Some are big mainstream and commercial success, while others might garner attention, but become forgotten in the grand scheme of things. That does not mean those albums were not good, or even liked in the moment, but life goes on and the albums begin to fade.

4 Hip Hop albums that deserve more attention

We can only endure so much content. Music is an ongoing medium, and for some, can be difficult to navigate through. However, that is why I wanted to make this list. There are albums that have become underrated over the past 10 years. I wanted to discuss four of them. Here are the four most underrated albums over the last decade in my eyes.

4. Kids See Ghosts - Kanye West and Kid Cudi (2018)

This might seem a little controversial by declaring Kids See Ghosts as underrated, but there is a reason for that opinion. The album received great reviews and was labeled as a success, but what is the historical impact of this album? That is the question I want you to ask yourself. Kanye West and Kid Cudi collaborating for an album is a big deal, but outside of that timeframe, the album sort of came and went. Why is that?

The simple answer is Kanye West and every headline that seems to follow him around like a dark cloud. However, it was not just his own issues that caused a sudden cause of amnesia with this album. Pusha T dropped his critically acclaim album, Daytona, a few weeks prior that took shots at Drake. Drake and Pusha T went at one another on diss tracks with Kanye being at the center of most of it.

That beef itself covered up what I believe is one of the best albums over the last several years. The topic of mental illness has been discussed in hip-hop, including Kid Cudi himself, but this felt different. This album was going inside the mind of two individuals that were dealing with so much turmoil, but were on the road to recovery in their own ways.

Tracks like "Reborn" and "Freeee" are two perfect songs that embody the overall theme and headspace these two were in. The album should be looked at as a classic, but the issues surrounding Kanye, including a spat with Kid Cudi himself, has hampered it's historical impact.