50 Cent playfully confronts Tony Yayo for rocking his signature jacket

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson Is Honored With A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson Is Honored With A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame / Albert L. Ortega/GettyImages

In a lighthearted Instagram video that has the hip-hop world buzzing, 50 Cent recently took his longtime friend and fellow G-Unit member, Tony Yayo, to task for a fashion faux pas. The culprit? Yayo’s audacious decision to don 50’s iconic leather jacket without permission.

Caught on camera: The jacket heist

The video, posted on Wednesday (February 28), captures the moment 50 Cent, known for his wit and no-nonsense demeanor, spots Yayo sporting the unmistakable blue jacket. The camera zooms in on Yayo, who confidently struts his stuff in the pilfered attire—complete with jeans and a bucket hat. But 50 Cent isn’t having it. His voice dripping with mock indignation, he exclaims,

" N*gg* got my jacket on!"

Yayo, ever the quick thinker, fires back,

" This my hat, though"

The exchange continues, with 50 Cent grilling Yayo about the jacket’s origins.

" When you found this jacket,” he asks, “you know you didn’t pick out, you know you didn’t buy, that nobody brought you, saying it was yours—did you identify that you were taking my jacket?"

Sheepishly, Yayo admits,

"I did identify"

The tension breaks as both men burst into laughter. It’s a classic moment between friends who’ve weathered the storms of the music industry together.

G-Unit brotherhood and lavish tours

50 Cent and Tony Yayo share a storied history. From the gritty streets of Queens to sold-out arenas worldwide, their bond runs deep. Yayo accompanied 50 Cent on his colossal Final Lap world tour last year, a spectacle that left fans awestruck. And the financials? Yayo doesn’t mince words:

"I’m making six figures,” he told VladTV. “The money is great, the money is excellent."

But it’s not just about the cash. Yayo’s admiration for 50 Cent extends beyond the stage. “

"Working with 50 is a movie, he enthused. Staying in the Four Seasons, sipping Ranis on the water, Eiffel Tower views—it’s a lifestyle. It’s a f**king movie, bro!"

50 Cent: The fashion icon

While the jacket incident may be a playful jab, it underscores 50 Cent’s influence on hip-hop culture. His signature style—leather jackets, crisp sneakers, and a swagger that defies gravity—has left an indelible mark. Whether he’s spitting bars or gracing red carpets, 50 Cent’s fashion choices are as bold as his lyrics.

So, Tony Yayo, next time you raid 50’s closet, remember: that jacket isn’t just fabric; it’s a piece of hip-hop history. And 50 Cent? Well, he’s got his eye on you.