Underrated: Paging the Old Eminem

Photo via the background of a YouTube song

Photo via the background of a YouTube song


Underrated is a series where we take a look back at some of the verses, lines, albums, hooks and whatever else that didn’t get its fair share of proper attention.

What was the last great Eminem verse that you heard? The last one that made you just drop your jaw and say “Damn. He still has it.” Let me guess, popular consensus would say – and I would agree – it’s probably his verse on “Forever.” What verse before that made you react like that though? Exactly. Kind of hard to think of one, huh? I was in the same boat the other day until I decided to toss on Obie Trice’s Second Round on Me and it hit me. Marshall’s verse on “There They Go” is the exact verse that makes you stop and play it back and just admire it. Sad thing is, not many people heard that verse, then or now, due to it being on an Obie Trice CD (damn shame people), and it happening during Em’s drug-induced reclusion from music.

So let’s look at that scene stealing verse:

Meat cleaver leave a gash in a bitch’s ass
She had dreams of being an RnB singer diva
Leave her face cut up from the waist up
Man what a waste of a pretty face
And this place ain’t just safe
It’s just straight gangsta and it ain’t just New York or LA
That bangs no more the Latin count kings here
Southside folk, East Side them gangs an’
Nothing but ganglands and spray paint cans and
When that van rolls up man they ain’t glancing
And the window rolls down and that tre’-eight’s dancing
And them shooters don’t miss homie they hate chancing
Head straight for the dome and this vacate fast and
Get the fuck out of dodge, for that blue dodge flashin’
Red and blue lights, no ambulance, you got flattened
And this was not supposed to be no Detroit anthem
But just so you know, if you see them D Boys passin’

The good ole days of Marshall actually bodying verses and rapping like he loved it. Not this cookie-cutter crap we’ve been getting. Please come back Marshall. Rap misses you.

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