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New Music: Young Thug feat. Zuse - "Treasure"


Atlanta rapper Young Thug is probably the only rapper you need to know about whom you might not already. No other rapper is set to blow up like Thug, regardless of how original their name is or what any other music site or PR email says. He raps like no one else, save for what Lil Wayne only hinted at when most off the rails. His style has been described as “experimental,” “unique,” “weird,” “odd,” “eccentric,” and the last time I wrote about him here I used the word “unhinged.” But more importantly – and luckily for anyone who likes good music – dude can flat out rap. That fact is just as apparent as anywhere on his new track “Treasure.”

The song is produced by Dun Deal, who hooked up with Thug for his hit “Stoner,” and the beat is made up of a rolling synth horn, descending bells, flickering 808 snares and a bunch of other noises coming and going, dropping out or piling on top of each other to better serve whatever’s coming out of Young Thug’s mouth at the moment. And while you or I, or almost anyone else can’t understand a lot of what Thug is saying, there’s more to it than just the percussion of his voice. It’s not like listening to and appreciating beautiful music in another language. This is English (At least, most of it is). Just because I am rendered catatonic by his voice when he says “lean” five times in a row, or “How the hell a n***a leave the treasure when the treasure bring the bezels and the bezels worth a foreign home,” or when he fucking cock-a-doodle-doos at 1:50, doesn’t mean I don’t hear the words. So while we can acknowledge that some of this is wrong and making sense of every single word is futile, we should all be striving for more understanding, like exploring the universe or finding nirvana.

The song features Atlanta-via-Kingston Jamaican rapper Zuse, who dropped a mixtape last month, which includes another song with Thugger. And it’s almost a shame how much he gets overshadowed by Young Thug, given that he does for real keep up like about 95 percent of rappers couldn’t. But so it goes with anyone trying to rap with Young Thug, just ask Gucci Mane or PeeWee Longway. It’s probably the reason Drake has taken so long to put his verse on “Eww Eww Eww.” I am hoping that when Thug says, “I ain’t Rick Ross but I love gunplay,” he means both parts of the double entendre. If Young Thug releases his album Tha Carter VI and Gunplay releases his debut Living Legend and if they were to do a song together… I might fall incapacitated into whatever the opposite of a coma is. I mean, “Treasure” came out four days ago and I’ve been unable to breathe or control my motor functions while it plays. I typed this with my knees. Listen below.

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