Rock Stars in Hip Hop: Radiohead

Is there a group easier to sample (and complicated, at the same time) than Radiohead?

The group’s myriad of styles has made them an easy target for DJ’s and mashup wizards to take their works and implement it in the hip hop world. It can be tricky, though. Thom Yorke’s complicated songwriting style is nothing to be scoffed at. In fact, some of their original music sounds gives off that impression right away.

“Hey, that could be a pretty great beat,”

There are some people that took notice of this fact very quickly, and made it a point early on to make Radiohead’s music part of the hip hop family. The most famous collaboration came from a man that goes by DJ Minty Fresh Beats. He put together a pair of albums known as “Jaydiohead”. He mashes up Jay-Z raps with Radiohead instrumentals (and the occasional Thom Yorke vocal). What comes out is something pretty spectacular.

This sensation was made famous on the internet, and Minty Fresh wasn’t a name before this album to too much of a degree. If you’re looking for an artist with some namestay, check out the Roots using a vocal (and partial instrumental) sample of Radiohead’s “You and Whose Army”.

Radiohead may be the most famous band in the world, and while a lot of their songs upon first listen make the listener think “hey, this could be a dope hip hop sample”. Still, the band’s fancy form of song composition make that difficult, and at times impossible. It has been done before, and will be done again, but anyone looking for a good starting point into the rock scene, look no further. They’re right here.

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