Sunday Station Change: Jeff Buckley

There may not be a man who had a better singing voice during his short-lived career. Currently, there probably isn’t anyone in the music biz that has a voice that rivals this man. When you factor in his incredible range, his perfect falsetto, and his ability to change keys on a dime, it’s amazing to think that this same man was an impeccable songwriter as well.

Jeff Buckley died criminally young, drowning (completely sober, as the autopsy discovered) at the age of 31. He only left behind one album, 1994’s Grace, but that one work instantly made him a rock and roll legend.

Starting off on the album’s first track, “Mojo Pin”, you can immediately appreciate his vocal brilliance. He sang it live as well as he did on the record.

Jeff Buckley was probably best known for his rendition of Hallelujah, but it would be a disservice to him to only look at his most famous track, a cover. In fact, the fact that the cover (great as it may be) became his most famous song is a little ridiculous in itself. The entire album enters the rare category of end-to-end perfection. Zero duds, zero “just good” songs. Greatness from beginning to end.

After “Hallelujah”, his track “Last Goodbye” was probably the most popular track on the record. It was a song that had more radio allure in the beginning stages of the grunge era, and sounded a bit more grunge-y. Still,  it had that Buckley touch of beauty that distinguished itself from the rest of the pack.

Tragically, Jeff Buckley died while working on his second album Sketches for my Sweetheart, the Drunk. The one thing fans have to look fondly on, as far as completed works go, is Grace, but fans were still fortunate enough to get a mixed version of the man’s final works. There’s no way of knowing what it would have ultimately sounded like if Buckley was still alive, but there was something there, no matter what.

There’s a shocking amount of music of Buckley’s to enjoy, considering the unfortunate circumstances, but nothing will come close to Grace (editor’s note: it’s probably my favorite album of all-time). Even so, his follow up album, and previous albums brought forth some brilliant work that we’ll be able to look fondly on for some time.

To close, we’ll look at a posthumous video, with a track from what became his final, unfinished album. Hopefully, for anyone reading this, they choose to look further into the man’s work. It’s worth it.

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