Lyrica Anderson releases 'Freakin Remix' ft. Wiz Khalifa (Audio)

Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa has his own album coming out on Tuesday, but despite focusing on his on music coming out he has taken some time out to appear on other artists tracks. Most recently, Wiz popped in on Los Angeles’ Lyrica Anderson track “Freakin” for the remix.

The song has a slowed down R&B beat, and it isn’t necessarily a song you’d expect Khalifa to be on. Khalifa pulls it off though and fits in seamlessly to the track.

Lyrics to Wiz Khalifa’s verse:

“Hey, girl, I been thinkin’ bout you all day
So just tell me what it’s gon’ be
You gon’ let me cut, we gon’ see
I’mma come ova, give you this D
You ain’t even in to stressin’ out
Cause you f-in’ round with a G
Let me slow it down, like H Town, man, don’t play around
I’ma roll me up a J, make you bust like a K
Smokin’ allen and dip from yo friends
Cause we ain’t tellin’ them
bend it ova and let you have it,
I’m goin’ in fo’ sure
And I flow it by the O”

Listen to the song below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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