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50 Cent says Jay Z can't compare to Eminem

The greatest rapper of all time debate rages on, and in an interview with Music Choice 50 Cent weighs in, though not necessarily in the context of that debate. He is elaborating on his relationship with Eminem and what Eminem has done for him.

During the interview, 50 Cent makes the point that some people are uncomfortable that a White artist dominates a Black genre of music.

“For some people,” 50 Cent says, “it’s tough to accept that you have a White artist that does it better than Black artists.”

He goes on to say that Eminem is without a doubt the best and would slay anyone.

“Hip Hop is Black music, without question, and, unfortunately for some people, it’s tough to accept that you have a White artist that does it better than Black artists,” 50 Cent said. “It is what it is. You can get like whoever you think is the best Black artist and stand them face-to-face in a room with Em and he will eat that [guy] alive. Right now if you had ‘em prepare themselves, whatever way they would have to prepare themselves to come battle…I bet what I have, everything. That [guy] is meatloaf.”

It is interesting that 50 Cent mentions and compares him to Jay Z, who sometimes referred to or thought of as the greatest and discusses their relationship, namely that Eminem and Jay Z were paired up for 2010 concerts.

“That’s Live Nation ‘cause [Jay Z] sold his touring career to Live Nation,” 50 Cent said.

50 Cent is referring to Jay Z’s reported $150 million pact with Live Nation that was signed in 2008.

“They’ve got to keep him hot enough to go get their money back,” 50 Cent said. “So they match ‘em up with Em, put them together ‘cause he got more momentum connected to his relationship with Beyonce and his record with Alicia. It makes sense. It makes sense, the Detroit/New York show. But it only makes sense to me because of business, it makes sense, because Em sold like 60 million records more than him. How you put ‘em there like they’re equals?”

Because of 50 Cent’s connections to Eminem he can be viewed as biased, though not necessarily wrong. 50 Cent doesn’t care either way.

“It’s tough for me to say some of this [stuff] and not sound like a hater. But I don’t care.”

50 Cent’s old pal with G-Unit, The Game, agrees. A video of an interview from way back when, after the Recovery album dropped, shows The Game talking about Eminem and saying he is the one rapper no one in the industry wants a problem with, including himself. The Game says when he was having problems with Eminem’s labelmates Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, that he chose to avoid Eminem.

The Game, like 50 Cent, also brings up Jay Z in comparison to Eminem saying “Jay know” in regards to Eminem being the best, not wanting a beef with him and adds that he “shreds MCs.”

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