Kanye West just out-Valentine Day’d us all. No big deal. There’s always next year.

Okay, so who knew Kanye West was such a romantic when he’s not being rude or angry at Drake or going gaga over the president.

Get ready to live vicariously through Ye.  Some girls like flowers, some like jewelry, some like verbal affirmations of love, and some like Kenny G.  Say what?!  In celebration of Valentine’s Day, otherwise known as the holiday that causes uncontrollable eye rolls from singles around the world, Kanye West made a grand gesture of romance for his wife Kim Kardashian.

No, it wasn’t a pair of Yeezy sneakers.  Kim arrived home to find a room completely emptied of all furniture and decor.  Maybe the empty room is always empty?

Not today.  The room was covered in a field of glass vases housing a single rose each.  A field of roses! In her living room!!  Just wait, it gets better.  In the center of this rose field stood Kenny G and his saxophone ready to serenade her with two lovely tunes; one of which was Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  Did anyone count how many roses there were?  Do we even care?  Kenny’s getting it litty in Calabasas.

That was a super thoughtful gift that puts most regular, everyday boyfriends to shame, right?  Probably.  In the spirit of healthy competition, it had me wondering what the Kardashian sisterhood received from their “greatest loves.”

And just when you thought it couldn’t get better or worse, depending on whether you’re the regular everyday guy who can’t provide the kit n’ caboodle for your significant other, Kylie Jenner hopped on Instagram to show off the heart-shaped archway made of roses gifted to her by Travis Scott.


Heart-shaped.  Archway.  Of Roses.  No Kylie, you’re not dreaming.  You both have men who totally outdid themselves this Valentine’s Day.  No big deal.  The rest of us will just be over here with our Edible Arrangement.

*Rolls eyes*