Solange releases her first visual for ‘When I Get Home’

Watch the video for Almeda, the first visual we’re receiving off of the latest album by Solange.

Not only did Solange usher in the new moon by gracing us with When I Get Home, her 2019 follow-up to 2016’s A Seat At The Table which fawned fondness and critical acclaim, but for the Apple Music subscribers of the world, the album was coupled with a 33-minute film that held the same title.

Now we’re receiving the first video off of the project – a project that has offered human beings a much needed reprieve from the harsher disgraces of celebrity culture that we’ve been exposed to as of late.  When I Get Home is an album to come home to when home is that quieted place inside yourself beyond what you experience in the outside world.

Aesthetically pleasing in both sound and sight, the visuals for Almeda depict a clear message – one that needn’t be decoded even as Solange abstractly in nature pulls you into her consciousness.  By way of hints of Houston and homage to her roots, these feel to be the things that intrinsically make up the total sum of all parts Solange.

Almeda plays more like fluid poetry – a staple Solo sound with lyrics that ring like personal mantras and affirmations.  Though she invited others along for the ride on this album as well as this track – Playboi Carti, Pharrell, The-Dream, the 32 year-old artist is at the helm of this ship, from concept to execution.

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That execution happens not harshly but on subtle intuitive, cellular levels and in between the synapses of the brain.  Almeda is our first signal that healing is taking place from the jolting aspects of ourselves that have yet to come into alignment with that heart space.

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