The internet has no sympathy for rich people problems

Let’s face it – the internet can be a cruel, callous place of unabashed opinions (especially when it comes to rich people problems.)

Which is why it doesn’t surprise me that Angela Simmons who may or may not possess rich people problems was so rudely questioned on her own social media page when she took to Instagram with the following message for #MotivationMonday.

“I feel like, every day is not an easy day.  I feel like for me, I can’t sit here and lie and pretend like every day that I get up and I’m ready to go and life is beautiful.  No, there are days when I don’t want to do this.”

Her personal struggles are her own so I want to take a moment to thank her for having the courage to share her truth.  And while she’s maintained staying out of the spotlight, this is a truth she has candidly shared with the public in the past during her tumultuous engagement with the father of her child, Sutton Tennyson and again, when faced with the adjustment to parenthood as a single mother.

Now let’s talk about trauma and personal pain.  In November 2018, Tennyson was murdered outside of his home.

“I want to change my routine up and I don’t want to do this but you know where I find my strength and I find the ability to be able to pull through is through God, is through therapists, through sitting down and really getting to know myself because we all have issues. We all go through things.”


The overwhelming commentary from social media followers sounded like this,

“Just curious, what are your problems?  Do you have to go to work everyday? Do you have to send your child to daycare? Are you struggling to pay bills? Other than loosing you baby’s father I am really curious to know what problems you have? Think about this while you on a yacht, traveling, spending all day with your son, shopping, working out, or doing a photo shoot. People have real struggles so save the pep talk.”

To which she gracefully responded by blessing their day and moving right along.  The moral of the story? We can all agree that there are levels to personal problems. Where some disagree is in the misconception that having wealth makes one exempt from struggle.   While money may help in a multitude of ways, no amount of cash can bring back a loved one who’s passed, cure health issues, or teach self-love.

One thing is for sure: The internet has evolved into a nameless, faceless, unforgiving judge.  Angela, keep pushing.