Hip Hop: New Album Alert, Find The Beat – Blueface

Blueface became a popular artist throughout social media over the last two years. After signing to Cash Money Records, he finally has a debut album.

The less-popularized style of rapping that Blueface normalizes is one that kids today are growing to appreciate. Aside from his antics and cocky persona, his recklessness and love for dysfunction are becoming acceptable amenities.

Find the Beat is Blueface’s debut studio album with a variety of features including Gunna, Lil Baby, DaBaby, and NLE Choppa. Blueface titled his album to add fire to his haters who claim he never raps on the beat. However, it was this very flow that brought him fame. Listeners became intrigued by the Bay area style that he chooses to scheme around.

Blueface is often criticized immeasurably and he does not care one bit. He may not be the most lyrically captivating artist, but he can pull together any number of low-key clever punch lines to put in his verses.

Coming out of California, rap music has always been something that Blueface has been around. Growing up with similar sounds to his own, coming from artists such as E-40 and Suga Free, he 100% reflects some of the rappers from the Bay area’s past time.

The first song to put Blueface in the spotlight titled, “Dead Locs”, caught the eyes of rap fans all over the country. His local success that connected deeply to his origin and hometown environment eventually grew into national success. Shouting out the “Dead Locs” is a call out to express respect for fallen soldiers and lost loved ones essentially and in the words of Mac Miller, “everybody got dead homies” (Diablo).

Blueface went on to release his hit single, “Thotiana”, which did marvelous numbers on the charts due to its catchy chorus and simple lyrics within each verse. He even provided the song with a quite promiscuous dance to go along with it.

2020 will hopefully bring him a year of success and staying out of legal trouble, which has been uneasy to completely avoid for him thus far. Although some may not see the glory in Blueface’s music, he certainly provides creativity and loyalty to his roots. Music is an acquired taste. He is a young artist with room to grow, but his speedy outbreak of publicity has been an impressive series of events.

Find the Beat by Blueface is out now on all platforms, go support his growth and rap contributions, and listen to his debut, while trying to find the beat.