Hip Hop artist Ghostluvme drops new music video “Vampira” along with exclusive Q+A

Ghostluvme is a new hip hop artist that has gotten rave reviews for his new project called Fear of Luving in Las Vegas. 

Elevator says, “Florida born rapper just released his latest single “Headaches,” produced by Scott Storch. The track is a trap-infused cut with a strong melodic thread accompanying the highs and lows of romantic relationships.”

The Source says, “Written and recorded entirely in Los Angeles, the album is a living sonic document of a self-contained artist expanding his horizons in a new city – impacted by a fresh crop of environmental influences and sounds.”

Respect says, “At first glance, hip hop artist Ghostluvme looks like a rock star. Although his style most definitely screams rock his music style is hip hop. He is set to make a huge splash this year. His forthcoming project is going to shake the music scene.”

Ghostluvme is a hot and new upcoming artist. Here is the Q+A along with the new music video for “Vampira” which is a cut off the new album.

Q: What it like working on this project with some of the most revered producers in the game? who was your favorite?

GLM: It was cool to watch how different people make beats. I was able to learn a lot and most importantly it’s not how you get the finished project but just the process getting there. My favorite producer is Paqboygrazi you’ll know when he touches shit because he is great at what he does. We have a mixtape coming out in a couple of weeks called Eccedentesiast

Q: Zaytoven is one of The Godfathers of the trap sound. What was it like working with him?

GLM: I’ve been a fan of his, it is dope to have some songs together. We got together in the studio in Los Angeles about a month ago and he played me several beats and I took home 3.

Q: Who or what inspires you to make music the most?

GLM: My main producer Paqboygrazi. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be able to finish a project

Q: What artist do you think most resembles your style? Or do you feel you are original?

GLM: Myself because I have my drive or Paqboy. My sound is really original. I like a lot of artists but my music is in the class of southern rap. Imagine if R. Kelly did Trap music. I like Future, Lil Uzi, and Young Thug but I don’t really sound like them.

Q: What do you think you will become once you reach your full potential?

GLM: The sky is limit I’m trying to be like Cher. Popstar level is reachable.

Q: What was life-like in Miami? How did that mold you into what you are today?

GLM: I’m actually from Plantation, Broward county I don’t rep Miami. I have experienced the craziest stuff like people in the middle of the road on Flocka. But those experiences raised me quickly.

Q: What is your favorite song on the album?

GLM: “Oxygen” is dope and one of my favorites. It’s an uplifting song and very motivational like before a basketball game – it’s smooth.

Q: Making music videos is a lost art in hip hop. Most artists are not going all out with their videos. How was much fun did you have making the video for Vampira?

GLM: I had zero fun. Music videos aren’t fun. I like music but I tolerate it because this is how I promote music and I believe in myself. I don’t like photo or video shoots or thinking about my every move but I have to. A necessary evil I like to say that I will be doing more of. This particular video was shot by Louieknows who I’ve been a fan of and featured an 18 ft. long python named Goldie. We filmed it at this spooky Victorian house in Glendale and recruited Beyonce’s lead background dancer Ashley Everett who was super chill. She was like the snake goddess.

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Q: This music video is the start of the roll-out of the album. How exciting is it to get your feet wet in the game and get your career started?

GLM: The music video is the start of that but I have a mixtape dropping on 3/24 as well called Eccedentesiast. To be honest, a lot of music is not on my album but I wanted to give people something before it drops. My album is going to have a lot of bars.

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