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Artist Spotlight: Midway


Many have chased the dream of making music, rocking out concerts, and earning millions off dropping a single album. Those who accomplish it are far and few between, while the remaining chasers pursue a relentless journey of million-dollar promises. But for Dallas/Fort Worth independent hip-hop duo Midway, that dream is not on their radar, a method that has helped them become one of the up and coming groups in the D/FW hip-hop scene.

Midway is comprised of two talented young men, Lou Charles and Kev Nolan, who met each other during their college days at Texas Christian University. Sharing a passion for hip-hop and a love for its culture, the two decided to join forces in early 2012, after spending a few years doing solo work. The goal and vision of Midway? It’s not about eventually getting signed by a record label or the number of dollars they make. Rather, it’s a simple philosophy: make music that can connect and entertain people. And that’s what Charles and Nolan are all about.

“Our whole premise is to have fun, [and] bring people together to have a good time,” Charles said. “If people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, or cultures can’t come together to enjoy themselves through our music, then we aren’t accomplishing what we are setting out to do.”

Midway is slowly touching upon a broad spectrum of fans in the area; their 2013 single, “Speed of Light”, became something of a crossover hit, and was nominated as Dallas/Fort Worth’s Song of the Year by The Fort Worth Weekly.

Their first mixtape, FUNemployment Vol. 1, released in 2013, was mainly hip-hop based, but the shift to a more pop music feel will be experienced first-hand with the release of their first EP, Hardly Working, scheduled to come out in March.


“If I had to say what mainstream artists our style is similar to, then I would go with Gym Class Heroes, LMFAO, and Kid Cudi mixed together.” Charles added. “If you’re someone who wants to have fun, enjoys the moment, and doesn’t worry too much about what happens tomorrow, then you will like Midway. If you’re someone who’s more concerned about the vanity of life, then you probably wouldn’t like Midway.”

Enjoying the moment is exactly what they’re doing. The two perform frequently at local clubs around the area, at shows and frat parties in colleges around the state of Texas, and have even opened up for Mike Stud at a concert in Dallas in Oct. 2013.

“We can’t worry about what’s going to happen a year from now, or even 5 years from now, we’re just thankful for being where we’re at today.” Nolan stated. “There’s no way to make projections with the way this business works.”

And this music business can be tough, cutthroat, and exhausting at times. With the way the industry is saturated nowadays, a lot of artists are vying for attention from record labels, or just general attention for themselves. So many are striving to reach the top, hoping to ink a record deal. Yet, the laid-back approach of Midway is working, according to Charles.

“We’re building our brand right now. People are steadily catching on, not just in the D/FW area, but around Texas as a whole. Different media outlets are slowly taking notice as well. If we’re doing what we want to do, which is to reach the broad spectrum of people we intend to reach, and making music that touches them, then everything will take care of itself. If you’re focusing on the money, then you shouldn’t be in the music business. Me and Kev(Nolan) are not caught up in being celebrities. A lot of artists are not for the people, but above the people. But that’s not us, we’re 2 down to earth guys. There’s nothing special about us as people, we just have a dream and are pursuing it.”

And that’s what makes them special. Two young men pursuing a dream that neither involves money nor fame, but a desire to touch and bring people together through their passion of making music.

Check out Midway’s first EP, Hardly Working, scheduled to come out in March, and available for download on iTunes.

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