Beastie Boys win trial, awarded $1.7 million against Monster Energy Drink

In this battle over copyright, the musicians have come out victorious. The Beastie Boys were awarded $1.7 million against Monster Energy Drink, in a trial that dates back to 2012.

Here’s the excerpt from a small up-and-coming music magazine, known as Rolling Stone.

Beastie Boys have won a $1.7 million verdict in their copyright lawsuit against Monster Beverageover the company’s use of the group’s music in a promotional video, according to Reuters.

The group sought up to $2.5 million for copyright infringement and false endorsement, though Monster countered that the maximum amount it owed was $125,000. The company called the case “illogical,” admitting that it had infringed the group’s copyrights, but stating that an employee inadvertently believed Monster had permission to use the music.

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“Although Monster Energy has great respect for the verdict of the jury, we strongly disagree with it,” Reid Kahn, attorney for Monster, tells Rolling Stone. “We will make an application to the Court to set aside the verdict and we intend to file an appeal. From the inception, Monster Energy has been willing to resolve this matter in a fair and equitable manner and we will continue to make additional efforts to reach a just resolution of this dispute.”

Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz made a brief statement, noting, “We’re happy. We just want to thank the jury.”

The Beastie Boys have to be feeling good. Alive, even. RANDOM SINGLE ALERT!

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