Snoop Dogg releases photo of Tupac after final recorded performance

Normally, this site isn’t going to post photos. It’s too tabloid, and the celebrity aspect of musicians has never interested me or mattered to me. This is pretty cool, though. Snoop Dogg has posted a photo from Tupac’s final performance, a show that took place at the House of Blues on July 4, 1996, and was eventually recorded into an album. He hit on a bunch of his hits at the show, including “All About U”, “Hit em Up”, and quite a few others. They even got Snoop’s “Gin and Juice” in there. Live hip hop albums typically aren’t worth it, but this one is a rare exception.
Snoop Dogg snapped a photo during the show, and recently uploaded it to his instagram account. It features Tupac, Snoop and Suge Knight.

Here is the photo, where it looks like Snoop is having quite a bit more fun than Pac:
 photo pacsnoop_304x304.jpg

Now, some music. Here’s Tupac performing “Troublesome” at the aforementioned show. The entire show is available to watch on Youtube, as well:

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