New song: Uwmami releases ‘Insomniac’

Irish hip-hop artist Uwmami drops “Insomniac.”

The sonic mistress of innovative hip-hop is back with another track entitled “Insomniac.” According to Uwmami, Insomniac is the first of a series she plans on dropping every two weeks for the first few months of the New Year.

Working out of Dublin, Ireland, the twenty-year-old musical sorceress and producer studies sound engineering which illuminates how she does what she does, which is turn out state-of-the-art bangers.

Inspired by boudoir artists like Pizzagirl and Choker, and influenced by a vast array of musical styles ranging from The Internet to The Clash, Uwmami’s sound amalgamates pop, indie, and alternative constituents into stark, powerful progressive hip-hop full of logarithmic spirals and alt-dot energy.

Her most recent EP, Summer Syrup, embraced a quintet of tracks, including “Madonna 1606” and “Rose Tint,” featuring Paye Fox. In the past, she’s worked with Kings Gift and Icy Punk.

Insomniac opens with measured pulsing synths atop an austere, crisp beat, as Uwmami’s filtered tones drift overhead. Careful listening reveals a fractal leitmotif weaving through the harmonics, infusing the tune with dripping wicked savor that reappears as the song progresses.

The mood and feel depicts the slo-mo surreal perspective of seemingly perpetual wakefulness, whose victims struggle with a basic problem of context as sleeplessness makes a mish-mash of coherent thought processes.

Uwmami effectively eschews the usual hip-hop pigeonholes of rap, those associated with bass, hardcore, pop, party rap, and gangsta, and travels down a path merging trip-hop with pop, jazz, reggae, folk, and R&B surface resonances.

It’s low-key but remains moussed with muscular assertion. Parallel mazes of horizontal harmonics – stuttering, droning synth colors and Uwmami’s echoing tones – along with the insertion of accenting chimes, give the music two distinct layers of sound reflecting off one another.

On Insomniac, Uwmami pulls it off with style and grace, as only she can.

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