Hip Hop artist Ghostluvme’s new video drops next Tuesday

LA hip hop artist Ghostluvme’s new video will drop next Tuesday on Rhyme Junkie’s website. Here’s a look at the teaser.

Ghostluvme is a hip hop artist out of Los Angeles that has his own original style. Next Tuesday we are releasing his new music video on Rhyme Junkie’s website.

Along with that video will be a 10 question Q + A along with the release of the video. He is originally from Florida but he moved to LA as most artists do to help advance his career.

He has been able to see success as now he is about to drop an album with producers on it like Zaytoven, Scott Storch and his own producer Paqboygrazi who he trusts to make consistent bangers.

A lot of artists have found success by having that go-to producer. Kendrick Lamar was able to pump out a classic with Dr. Dre helping him on Good Kid, MAAD City. The Game also churned out a classic on his first album The Documentary with help of Dr. Dre.

Ghostluvme is on a good path in terms of his production and ability. He is an upcoming star that has loads of talent. He hopes this project will catapult his career into the mainstream.

Ghostluvme tells it all about how it was working with those super producers like Scott Storch and Zaytoven and how serious he takes music videos. He also tells Rhyme Junkie his favorite artists and how he is the best version of himself. In the Q+A he discusses that and more.

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Look out for all that exciting content to drop next Tuesday on rhymejunkie.com. Here is a teaser to the video. The title of the song is “Vampira” which will release on the project called Fear of Luving in Las Vegas. The director of the video is LouieKnows.