Donald Trump Loses His Marbles At A Press Conference

CNN felt the wrath of Donald Trump today in a press conference held soon after the midterm elections.

In a major win for Democrats as they take control of the House of Representatives, the ‘Donald Trump’ drama unfolded in a press conference held today where the president refused to answer questions but instead hurl insults and engage in a war of words with several reporters.

The melee ensued during a question regarding the hot button issue of immigration from CNN reporter Jim Acosta.  In a heated battle, Trump commanded the reporter to stop speaking by telling him to “put the microphone down” and “sit down.”  That’s when a female aide made her way over to Acosta and yanked the microphone from his grip.

Short of calling the news-based network the devil, the 72 year-old, television reality star turned president did go so far as to refer to CNN as “the enemy.”  Really?  Not terrorists, racists, sexists, perpetrators of gun violence or sexual assault, predators, drugs, poverty, mass incarceration, gender pay gap, but CNN is our nation’s biggest threat?

Not the man who allows children to be ripped from the arms of their parents at the border and claims that those who attempt to enter will be shot and killed?  The enemy is the man who reports on the man?  Hm.

Simply vile.  Diverting questions in an effort to deflect from having to hold himself accountable for his statements made.  Reaching an all-time low, I can’t say we have ever seen a president so publicly uncouth and unpolished.

Further questioning from reporters laid the groundwork for further irritation until Trump finally stepped away from the podium.  Inquiring minds want to know what his best friend Kanye West thinks of this.

Surprise!  In a bizarre twist of events soon after the conference, it was officially announced that Attorney General Jeff Sessions received the red carpet “You’re fired!” treatment and nobody inside the inner circle of the White House knew a thing.