Watch 50 Cent set fire to Gucci

Okay, as a general rule, fire and fabric don’t mix but there’s something strangely therapeutic and thrilling about watching 50 Cent set fire to a Gucci t-shirt.

In a show of solidarity to join the boycott of the luxury fashion brand Gucci for attempting to offensively cash in and offer a half-hearted apology, 50 Cent adds literal fuel to the fire by setting a t-shirt ablaze from the popular brand.  The rapper and entertainment mogul is the latest celebrity to speak out about the controversial sweater that resembles the racist symbolism of blackface.

The creative director of the Italian fashion house responded amidst the controversy that erupted.  Claiming that their intention was not racism, they quoted the inspiration behind the $890 sweater to be dedicated to the deceased fashion designer Leigh Bowery.

Though the sweater was ultimately pulled from the website and brick and mortar store for purchase, Alessandro Michele went on to say in an official statement via Gucci’s social media account,

“Gucci deeply apologizes and takes full responsibility for the sweater and is committed to diversity which is a fundamental value to be upheld and respected.”

Lord knows how many dollars Curtis Jackson has thrown at the famed brand over the decades, but principle is what matters most stating that “he needs to get rid of all the Gucci he has at home.”

Rapper T.I., director Spike Lee, and NYC council member Jumanne Williams have also joined in on the protest that began in December with fashion brand Prada when they had blackface figurines displayed in the window of their SoHo, New York location.

With over twenty-two million Instagram followers enjoying the fire display, worry not, water was in the vicinity in the event things went awry and general precautions were taken though his hands came dangerously close to the flames.

He’ll need those hands to continue his social media antics that make him entirely endearing. Don’t try this at home kids.  50’s a professional.  Instead, feel free to donate your unwanted clothing to those in need.