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Birdman: New York Rappers Will Sign to Cash Money


Cash Money was started by Bryan Williams aka Baby aka Birdman in 1991 with his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams. The label featured numerous New Orleans rappers and brought in local DJ Mannie Fresh to handle all production. With the success of Juvenile, pubescent B.G. and Lil Wayne, and the late Magnolia Shorty the label moved away from their bounce and violence-ridden past to find huge success at the turn of the century. By 2005, when Fresh left the Crescent City label for Def Jam South, there was not much left besides Baby and Lil Wayne. The two have slowly rebuilt the label into one of the weirdest things in popular music right now.

Behind the huge megastars Drake and Nicki Minaj, Cash Money Records has a hodgepodge of ill-fitting tie-dye Affliction tees worn by Tyga, Ace Hood, DJ Khaled and an aging Busta Rhymes. They’ve signed child star and 106th & Park host Bow Wow, nu metals gods Limp Bizkit, parolee and former No Limit soldier Mystikal, and reality TV trailblazer Paris Hilton. There were talks with Ashanti, who last had a gold selling album in 2004 and a charting single in 2008, but nothing yet has developed. They just picked up Compton name-dropper The Game off waivers and have announced singings to come in an interview with MTV.

MTV took that information of Birdman saying he would sign “some artists that’s from New York,” along with their other reporting about DJ Khaled executive producing the new Lox album, to put together that the Lox would sign to Cash Money. The Yonkers rap group have recently made a terrible and hella late Hangover parody video, plus are currently signed to their own D-Block record label, so it would make sense. But Rapped Up has learned from a little bird (my imagination) that Cash Money might sign an actress who wants to do more pop music or another nu metal band. Lindsay Lohan is from New York and has been looking to reestablish her career. Amanda Bynes was living in New York when she threw a bong out her window and has freshly been “allowed out of rehab for outings.” Also, Brooklyn rapcore band Biohazard has been struggling to find success since they got back together in 2008. Honestly it’s completely up in the air and my guess is just as good as MTV’s.

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