5 Rappers for Your Halloween Party


Rap and Halloween have been scary for as long as I can remember. However, now with Twitter accounts and my having to pay for car insurance, neither frighten me as much as they used to. Part of that is good, because I tend to otherize the mostly-black rappers less, but it also takes away the same excitement I got from breaking into private property or watching Are You Afraid of the Dark? As a white kid in the ’90s, it was easier to subvert parents’ racism by watching N.W.A. on Arsenio or Ice-T on Oprah than it is now to watch Drake on Ellen or Big Boi on Martha Stewart. Or for that matter A$AP Ferg on Arsenio.

The racism in white communities and the danger in black communities still exists, but it’s harder to see because of both real progress and intentional obfuscating. In Chicago, there were 509 murders last year and there have been 354 murders thus far this year. (via) The violence in the city has actually gone down since its peak in the early ’90s, but while the numbers for the city overall are down, the murders are actually up in the predominantly black West and South Sides. The disconnect of the truly disenfranchised may have grown as we (White America) enfranchised a few and washed our hands done with it. Care for some post-racial, anyone?

Tonight is Halloween and it’s easier than ever to have a rapper who was popular 10 years ago to perform in your backyard, so I looked for five rappers who might still have a chance at scaring people. With Ice Cube doing TBS Very Funny and Coors Light ads, and most early horrorcore groups having either broken up or had a song in the movie Office Space, it was more difficult than I expected.

Houston rapper Ganksta N-I-P aka the South Park Psycho is perhaps the first horrorcore rapper. He’s been rapping since the 80s, even wrote a hit for the Geto Boys and is still putting out music. He’s sure to terrify house guests with classics like “Psycho” or”Slaughter.” Also, N-I-P stands for “Nation of Islam is Powerful,” which should scare the shit out of white people.

Brotha Lynch Hung is a successful independent rapper from Sacramento who’s been making songs about killing and eating unborn babies for two decades now. He even supposedly influenced a Colorado man to kill three of his friends in 1996. Lynch is still making music and having fun with costumes and fake blood all year ’round, now signed with Tech N9ne’s Strange Music.

Speaking of whom, Kansas City’s Tech N9ne isn’t necessarily the most intimidating rapper (unless you’re scared of syllables), but his barrage of fans sure to show up wherever he appears are. He’s been attending the Gathering of the Juggalos for the past 10 years. And while Juggalos tend to be chill bros and broettes who just love music, the Tech N9ne fans without facepaint like to punch people in the face if you don’t think Eminem is the best rapper ever.

Big Lurch was a staple in the Bay Area and Texas rap scenes before he was involved in a car crash and began using PCP to ease the pain. In 2002, while under the influence of angeldust, he murdered his roommate and ate some of her flesh and one of her lungs. He’s currently serving a life sentence at RJD State Prison in San Diego, but a concert from him couldn’t be any more difficult than baking a nail file into a cake.

Hopsin is a former child actor who appeared in the movie Max Keeble’s Big Move and an episode of That’s So Raven. Now he’s 28, hangs out with Travis Barker and loves playing dress-up with those rad colored eye contacts. Hopsin scares me.

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