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Drake is the biggest name in rap right now and he knows it. He’s driving the ship where he wants to go, with reverence and comfort. Just like the clunky Jay-Z and Birdman features on Nothing Was the Same, Drake loves to pay homage to those who came before. He sort of splits the difference between an old hip-hop head who only listens to Wu-Tang records and a teacher’s pet. In his new video for the hardest song on his album, “Worst Behavior,” Drizzy travels to Memphis, where he split time growing up, to hang out with his dad and two members of Three 6 Mafia. He also put his two homies in the video because he doesn’t really care if people don’t think his friends are funny. He does.

The video starts out at Royal Recording Studios where Willie Mitchell and Al Green made some of their most famous records. Drake’s mustachioed father is in the studio jamming and singing about telling his baby he’s on his way home. The song starts and Drake’s dad is wearing a pimp suit in front of pink Cadillacs and lip syncing the “motherfuckers never loved us,” further complicating the vague daddy issues in the lyrics. The scene changes to Drake co-opting parts of Memphis’s rural areas and downtown, even holding a baby at one point like he’s running for office.

Right in the middle, Drake cedes the camera to his buddy OVO OB O’Brien for his SNL audition tape with Project Pat and Oscar winner Juicy J. The music returns after four excruciating minutes of Drake’s homie’s schtick of being oblivious and white. Champagne Papi is shown walking down Beale Street with seemingly the whole city behind him. This is Drake’s world and we’re just living in it. He does not live somewhere between a dancing owl costume and his pops signing karaoke in a kufi, he’s all these things. He steers the culture while knowing not everyone will follow him. He makes 10-minute videos because they’re just as much conversation starters as they are easily ignorable. Watch the video below. Or don’t.

Drake ~ Worst Behavior from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo

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