Froback Friday: "Da Baddest Bitch"

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Froback Friday is a weekly feature of a music video from the platinum age of hip hop. 1998-2003, when rap was truly crossing over into the mainstream and I was regularly attending middle school dances.

Miami, Florida’s Trina got her start on Trick Daddy’s 1998 album (now unfortunately is the URL of a wack rap site frozen in 2012). She shined on Trick Daddy’s first single “Nann N***a,” with lyrics at least ten times raunchier and filthier than Trick’s. So much so that Trick had to stop the song after her verse to ask what she just said. And when she replied, “You heard what I motherfuckin said,” all Trick could do was beg her to be on his team.

From there, Trina stole on another single on Trick Daddy’s next album before releasing her debut solo album in 2000, self-titled Da Baddest Bitch. The debut single of which had an especially memorable music video. In it, Trina pulls up to University of Miami and then-Tampa Bay Buccaneers star defensive tackle Warren Sapp’s house in a Mercedes S430 after a day of shopping. She wipes her feet on one of his jerseys and upon walking into the bedroom, finds Cartier diamond earrings. Sapp, oblivious with a football game blaring in his home theater, is found out a “CHEATER” and Trina goes to work.

She takes the earrings, smashes pictures and a framed jersey, explodes the waterbed all over the place, and then moves on to the closet. Trina stalks from room to room, destroying everything in sight, while a graphic at the bottom of the screen keeps track of the monetary damages. She pours herself a glass of ’66 Pomerol (which goes great with some venison) and tosses the remainder on the linoleum. She drives a golf ball through a window, smashes his sports trophies, and leaves a phone off the hook, racking up money connected to the hotline 1-900-BADDEST. Meanwhile, shots of the unconcerned Sapp in his cigar-smoke filled haven are trumped by Trina looking glamorous as fuck, standing under an overpass in front of a raging fire or with money flying all around her devastating face.

Sapp finally emerges from his man cave to find the havoc, just as the Benz slides right into the pool. Not including the picture frames, trophies, windows or upstairs water damage, and approximating there to be five designer suits and a $600 phone bill, the total comes out to be $166,252.75. But like so many Mastercard commercial punchlines around the turn of the century, the revenge is priceless. And if you identify with the cheater in this situation, and think all these material things are an unfair price, Trina doesn’t care. She’s the baddest bitch.


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