The Rap Game: Super Bowl Edition Pt. 1

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Rap and sports have always been linked together since rap was rap. Rappers always want to be athletes. Remember Master P trying to make an NBA team? Let’s not forget how athletes love to try to be rappers. Shaq, A.I. , Prime Time, and we can’t forget the black mamba’s attempt. It’s safe to say that this will never change. I personally hope it doesn’t. I enjoy the hilarity that comes with it.

Lately, the link between rap and athletes has been taken to a whole new hilarious level thanks to Riff Raff. Yes, that Riff Raff. That’s right he created the whole “rap game ….” meme. To paraphrase Jay Z, “He made it a hot line. We made it a hot meme.”. So I figured with the Super Bowl being Sunday, why not look at the Broncos and Seahawks rosters and do the best “Rap game” comparisons? Up first the Broncos.

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