First 48: Isaiah Rashad's Cilvia Demo


Alright here we go people the first First 48 here at Rhyme Junkie. “Ghost what’s the First 48?” Why the First 48 is simply the first 48 thoughts that come to mind when revisiting an album or listening to it for the first time.

In this case it’s the latter. Consider this not quite a full review but more so a preview/quick summary piece. Just something light to give you an idea on whether or not you want to take that dive and give a project a chance.

What’s on tap for the debut? Why Top Dog Entertainment’s newest acquisition’s debut project: that’s right Isaiah Rashad’s Cilvia Demo.  Cilvia Demo is his proper introduction to the world. Outside of a few random loose songs before officially signed to TDE nobody really heard anything from him. Only thing we really know is that he’s from Chattanooga, Tennessee and his celebrity crush. So without further ado let’s give Top Dawg’s latest signee’s project a listen and see if there’s another dog in Top Dawg’s camp. 


  1. *looks at track list* 14 tracks? Cool, it’s short and sweet. Hopefully
  2. Features out of the TDE camp come from SZA, Q, and Jay Rock. No K.Dot or Soul tho.

  3. “Hereditary” is a decent short opener. Looks like a table setter.

  4. “Webbie Flow” we talking Boosie running mate Webbie or ?

  5. Pretty sure he broke the record for most F bombs in a 8 bar window.

  6. Don’t hate “Webbie Flow” . Don’t love it either.

  7. “Cilvia Demo” is smooth.

  8. Looking kinda good so far. Nothing too impressive yet.

  9. “Yall live for bitches and blunts. We live for weed and money.” Ignorant hooks, oh how I love you.

  10. “I been riding out since I thought my huffy was the shit.”. Talk that shit son.

  11. Yea this “R.I.P. Kevin Miller” track is that smooth, ignorant, smart, shit-talking I live for.

  12. Here’s the first guest appearance in the form of SZA on “Ronnie Drake”.

  13. SZA voice is just amazing (and so is her body).

  14. Five tracks in and the production on this is amazing.

  15. It’s almost out-shining him. That’s not a bad thing.

  16. Here’s SZA again on the hook for “West Savannah”.

  17. “Now can we fall in love while Southernplayalistic banging through the night?” Always here for Outkast references.

  18. I could easily see this being a radio hit once things warmed up if TDE wanted to run with it.

  19. “I got four white girls. All Aryan. Wonder what they daddy think? Fuck them it’s a new revolution.” My gawd that’s disrespectful.

  20. “We just breaking bad and my brother selling Walter White. Hope he ain’t caught with the possession like a poltergeist.” This kid can rap his ass off.

  21. Yea gotta run “Soliloquy” back again.

  22. “I just hope she praying while she down on her knees. I often treat these hoes like they father be” Lot of quotable stuff here.

  23. “Tranquility” is some real honest everyday shit.

  24. I’m starting to like this kid a lot.

  25. Eight tracks in and this looking like one of the best debut projects I’ve heard in the past few months.

  26. “Menthol” is the first track that I’m not feeling in any form outside of the hook.

  27. Jean Deaux sounds similar to SZA. So why not go with SZA?

  28. It’s a good hook tho, just don’t like anything else bout the track.

  29. “Modest” is I’m not sure really.

  30. Like it’s not bad. It’s kinda like “Menthol” but better?

  31. “Heavenly Father” is dope.

  32. Pretty sure that’s SZA with an uncredited feature on the hook.

  33. Love the use of the church organ for the beat.

  34. Gotta love the honesty he speaks on “Heavenly Father”. Some heavy shit.

  35. Love how he switched up his melodic sing songy flow to a more traditional flow on this.

  36. You may think I’m overstating this but this shit is pure heat so far.

  37. “Most niggas can’t fuck with my worst shit.” TDE is a camp full of shit-talking confident niggas.

  38. And I love it to death.

  39. “Brad Jordan” yea that’s shit right there is a scene starter.

  40. I’m crying laughing at the skit at the end of “Brad Jordan”. Crying.

  41. He put the “Shot You Down (Remix)” on here.

  42. Jay Rock really did step his rap game up in the past three years.

  43. Like how did he get so good so quick?

  44. “Fuck being humble”- everybody in TDE this year.

  45. Love the overall theme and cohesiveness of this project.

  46. TDE got another weapon in this kid and I can’t wait to see what’s next from him

  47. Highlights: “R.I.P. Kevin Miller”, “Tranquility”,  “Heavenly Father”, “Brad Jordan”

  48. Go buy this right now off iTunes. Well worth the cost.

Purchase: Isaiah Rashad – Cilvia Demo

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