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Who Wore It Better? King Louie or Gunplay


Who Wore It Better? is a feature where we look at two rap songs that use the same sample and decide which artist fits more snug into the backing track.

Similar to Too $hort’s “Burn Rubber” last year, Young Bleed’s “How Ya Do Dat” was used a whole gang of times as a rap sample a couple years ago. From the classic No Limit album My Balls & My Word as well as the I’m Bout It soundtrack, this was a huge hit right at the peak of the New Orleans record label. It features Master P and C-Loc, with its eerie theramin-like synth and sparse thunk courtesy of Happy Perez, No Limit in-house producing crew Beats by the Pound member KLC and a Malcolm McLaren sample. Since this beat got used so many times, this is the Eastern Conference head-to-head to see who makes it to the finals.

King Louie – “Fulla Dat Weed”

Chicago’s King L(ouie) used the “How Ya Do Dat” beat centered around Bleed’s line “Huh? N***a what? HAH? Give a fuck n***a what? Fulla dat weed.” It was updated by Million $ Mano, who’s been Kanye West’s tour DJ. He added a bassline and it makes the song that much harder and paranoid. What were clear, victorious thoughts on a yacht are now clouded and dangerous in a project hallway.

Gunplay – “How U Do Dat There”

Miami’s Gunplay doesn’t even change the classic Louisiana beat, but goes in all the same. Barely over a minute, Don Logan manages to rap about spending rent money on weed, tricking for every broad, and saying his money goes “higher than a 747 Boeing go.” This was just a short interlude on a Triple C’s (Carol City Cartel, Gunplay and Rick Ross’s rap group) mixtape from a few years back, but it was memorable nonetheless.

Winner: King Louie

Gunplay was at a huge disadvantage rapping over the original in what amounts to not much more than a mixtape skit. I love Gunplay more than my left kneecap and he always goes in on almost every song, but this is one of my favorite King L songs, while there’s like hundreds better Gunplay ones. King L wins the East round, due to the fact he had an actual song. Stay tuned for the West round featuring Kool John and Problem.

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