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Future, Pusha T, Pharrell & Casino - "Move That Dope"


Atlanta rapper/singer Future said in an interview with the Fader, “Every record that I do, I try to reinvent myself.” He did just that with last year’s Mike WiLL Made It-produced hit “Sh!t.” Rather than a rapid fire flow, he sounded like a madman running into a house with a shotgun, letting off round after round. Today he does it again with another Mike WiLL song, “Move That Dope,” featuring Pusha T, Pharrell and Future’s younger brother Casino.

Mike WiLL made another banger (no Miley) with just drums, someone inhaling and exhaling, and that dark industrial synthesizer that plays during every goth party in movies from the ’90s. Future uses some of the Migos triplets, but his voice is so singular that it sounds completely new, and it’s hardly as reductive as when others try the flow. The last verse is by Freebandz Gang artist Casino and its the best one. It’s like the olden days when rap songs would put the best verse last and the least well-known rapper actually went in. Pharrell tries really hard at rapping and it reminds me of his verse on the Terius Nash album. Pusha sounds like he’s running on fumes even though songs about pushing work are his bread, butter and toaster oven. Stream the track below.

Future’s upcoming album Honest is due out later than whatever the dates posted online say.

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