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Who Wore It Better? King Louie or Kool John


Who Wore It Better? is a feature where we look at two rap songs that use the same sample and decide which artist fits more snug into the backing track.

What you’ve all been waiting for. The first round of the final four is over. King Louie beat Gunplay in the East division. Kool John just barely eked out a victory over Compton’s son Problem in the West. This is for the national championship of rappers who in recent years used at least part of No Limit rapper Young Bleed’s biggest hit. Please rise and remove your hats.

Kool John feat. DB tha General & Plane Jane – “Full of dat Weed”
I thought Kool John’s track was better than Problem’s because the Young Bleed sample was more creatively modeled, formed around just a single bar from the original song instead of just re-using the same beat. John also clearly benefitted from having two solid Bay rappers featured, while Problem has just one fairly weak feature. Kool John’s best feature might be his curating.

King Louie – “Fulla dat Weed”

King L is a very good traditional rapper in a city of weirdos. But rather than going for conventional boom-bap, his raps work best when given a crazy beat that doesn’t overpower him. Like his early arrogant freestyles (meaning this and this) or the classic “877-Cash-Now,” Louie hits hardest when his beat keeps up. Even though the beat for “Fulla dat Weed” is barely changed from “How Ya Do That,” it slaps just as well as it did in 1998.

Winner: King Louie

It’s no accident an idea as half-baked as this post ends up with two songs titled “Full of that Weed.” Even though it’s literally the reason I liked Kool John more than the Problem song, the nearly unchanged sample wins out in this matchup. A short freestyle on a mixtape using a jacked beat is much more forgivable than a radio-friendly single fully riding the coattails of a great 15-year-old song. How popular would Problem be if he used an original production for the same single? Anyway, Kool John has dope rappers on his track but King L is a dope rapper. When Louie raps, “Trunk screaming like it’s tryina break the backboard” or, “With a pretty lady smoking dope in a Mercedes,” I want to be high in those cars. The beat just slaps.

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