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A Convo with Playboy Tre & Jake Lambo (Part 2)

Photo via Instagram @PlayboyTre

Photo via Instagram @PlayboyTre


Last Week, I conducted an interview with Atlanta mixtape rapper and B.o.B. affiliate Playboy Tre about life, music and many other things via email. We also discussed his newest protégé, Jake Lambo, and I was able to ask Jake a few questions.

Below is Part 2 of our conversation, where we discuss how being a father has changed Tre, the origins of the infamous Red Cup Parties, if we’ll ever get a skit album from Tre, what motivates Jake Lambo, and much more. Be sure to give them both a follow on Twitter and Instagram: @playboytre and @jakelambomusic

Ghost: I notice on Instagram that a lot of your posts these days are either about the Red Cup Parties you throw with Sean Falyon or posts of your son. How would you say being a father has changed you as an artist and person in general?

Tre: Being a father has definitely changed me in many ways. Times that I would have spent out in the street talking shit and getting fucked up til the sun comes up, I replace with hanging at the crib with my son. Things haven’t changed much as a artist because I still work my azz off but if it’s not work, 9 times out of 10 I’m at the crib with lil man.

G:  The Red Cup Parties, how did those come about exactly?

Tre: The Red Cup Parties got started by me and my partna Sean Falyon wanting to throw a party/concert during A3C back in 2010. We had a lot of friends and fellow artists coming in town for the wknd, so it made sense for us to do something that represents us. Plus Falyon is a drinker like me. We always look for a reason to drink!
G: Anybody that’s followed your music knows that your projects usually have a liquor theme. Any reason why?

Tre: Simple answer: because I fucking love liquor!!!

G: Can we get an all-skit type project from you? Your “Hate” skit on Bobby Creekwater’s Anthem to the Streets 2 tape is classic.

Tre:  People have asked me to do a project full of skits for years. Maybe that’s something I’ll do since the idea keeps being presented to me. It can’t keep coming up for no reason. That would be fun!

G: Can we expect the also hilarious “Look at This Shit” videos to return?

Tre: Yes, yes and hell fuck yes! If I see something crazy you’ll hear me yelling “Look at this shit, just look at this shit!



Ghost:  I’ve heard your “Pound Cake Freestyle”. At the time I wasn’t aware of your age. I’m even more impressed now knowing your age. What’s the best song, original or freestyle, for people to hear you for the first time?
Jake Lambo: That’s a tough one because I really can’t give a particular song because everyone won’t like the same things. But I really would recommend any of the songs that are “deep”. Like the ones I talk about what I go through, or just talking about my life. That way, people get a better idea of who I am.
G: Atlanta is known for several different styles of rap. Not to put you in a box but what category or categories do you fit under
JL: The lyricist category.
G: Anybody that you want to collab with outside your camp or do you want to stand on your own for a bit first?
JL: Too many people to name. I want to collab with alot of people. From singers, to rappers, to rock stars, pop stars, everybody.
G: What does Jake Lambo do when he’s not working on his craft?  
JL: I like to play basketball. That’s what I would be doing if I wasn’t doing music.  I also like to take & edit pictures for fun.  I don’t really do much though.
 G: I always like to end my interviews by giving the artists a chance to say whatever is on their mind. So here’s your chance to do just that. The floor is yours.
JL: Be on the lookout for my project “Unorthodox” dropping soon. It should drop in the next couple of months. Also I plan to drop a second project before the year is over. So yeah, stay tuned. Great things are ahead.
Much love to both Playboy Tre and Jake Lambo for taking the time out to do this interview. Be sure to visit Jake’s official YouTube and Soundcloud pages

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