New Music: Kool John ft. Young Bari - "Did That"


Kool John is a Bay Area rapper I’ve mentioned before, who’s more Puff Daddy than Biggie, in that the artists whom he surrounds himself with are better than his lyrical miracles.  He shows up a few times on the new mixtape from NhT Boyz’s longtime producer YP OnTheBeat called Heat Vol. 1. The title refers to both the temperature of the tracks and the Miami pro basketball team, as the beat-maker released this project under the name YP $poelstra and is possibly dressed like the Heat head coach on the mixtape cover.

On the song “Did That,” John starts rapping over a digital piano plink and that sample Khris P Kream expertly overused to death on “No Limit.” It’s sparse and I can’t tell if he’s off-beat or my ears are, but it sounds cool and when the drums come in, it makes me want to drop down and do the spider.1 John raps like he’s been improving his rapping for a couple years, complete with Iamsu!’s conversational flow. Young Bari is the owner of this track though, with his distinct nasally voice that I swear sounds like someone else but is just due to me listening to Bari peripherally for like four years. So I shut that thought down, I did that.

via Thizzler on the Roof and Perfection Is Perfected

1. Which was a dance from when hyphy was popular, and I would link to a video of it were it not for the kinda wack singer Hyphy Da Spider ruining all my Google searches.

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