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Underrated: MJG'S Verse on "Relax & Take Notes"

Photo via NPR

Photo via NPR

Underrated is a series where we take a look back at some of the verses, lines, albums, hooks and whatever else that didn’t get its fair share of proper attention.

So being from the South, I naturally have an appreciation for certain artists that most don’t. Which is understandable. What’s not understandable is how 8ball & MJG are not more universally accepted as one of the best duos to do it. These two help build Southern rap essentially.

To the point at hand, one of the most underrated verses in Ball & G’s catalog has to be the incredibly disrespectful but equally great verse that G spit on “Relax and Take Notes“. From the opening line to the mention of Rae Carruth it’s just pure greatness.

“Fuck it Imma blast off, take my mask off
Blow ya fuckin ass off give me the cash cause
M-J-G not playin no games
If you not speakin good dont be sayin my name
Nigga no it aint ok with u within a day or two
Imma track u down and pull a mufuckin Rae Carruth”

I’m pretty sure those opening lines deliver a very clean and clear message. Tell me that section there isn’t underrated severely and deserves more attention. I thought so. So let’s appreciate this greatness.

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