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Underrated: Welcome Back Uncle L

Underrated is a series where we take a look back at some of the verses, lines, albums, hooks and whatever else that didn’t get its fair share of proper attention.

We all remember the train wreck that was LL’ Cool Js last album right? Or that horrendous “Accidental Racist” joint that he did right? Right. Now let’s not let that be the most recent or last memory many of us have for the man who put is pretty much responsible for this, building and keeping the lights on at Def Jam (I mean let’s just face facts here) and at one point in time could be called the G.O.A.T. be of those horrendous efforts.

So let’s replace those crappy memories with a happy memory. A memory that reminds us that Uncle L can still rip a mic and deliver a great verse. I present to you all his verse Action Bronson’s “Strictly for My Jeeps (Queens Day Remix)”.

The ripper, the master, charismatic bastard
Game is strange like blondes ramadan fastin
Indoor pool look like Uncle Luke’s castin
Never too old to fly a fake bubble ass in
Peep the rhetoric nobody could better it
None of your confederates I’m daddy your a surrogate
Murdered these mics boy, felon after the predicate
Fuck what you heard baby all that shit’s all irrelevant
Third is fly y’all half as intelligent
Step on that horse shit like hannibal’s elephants
Watered down garbage ass rap is relevant
All I wanna know is how the fuck y’all sellin it?!

That, ladies and gentelman is the Uncle L that I know, love and remember. How ’bout you?


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