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Gunplay visits with Nardwuar at SXSW


After the travesty of Miami-based rapper Gunplay not showing up on his boss Rick Ross’s Mastermind, it’s a legitimate question of whether MMG will ever put out his debut album. If Gunplay’s apprehensive about his label situation, he’s not showing it at the music festival South by Southwest in his interview with Nardwuar the Human Serviette, long the best music interviewer. The man under the Tam o’ Shanter asks Gunplay about his dreadlocks, female hygeine, a near-death experience while fishing, and his bomb shelter in progress.

Nardwuar brings up Gunplay’s venture into video game console controllers that he hopes to pursue, using the rubber that mallets are made with so they won’t break from NBA 2K-induced rage. They talk about the rapper’s internet escort service he’s been promoting for a couple years that’s yet to get off the ground. Also discussed is the classic rap of Disco Rick, whom Gunplay says originated twerking with his Miami bass records in the 1980s.  Plus Gunplay talks about how he got into Ol’ Dirty Bastard when he started snorting cocaine and calls himself “Young Dirty Bastard,” mentioning the vast influence the deceased Wu-Tang member had on his music. Gunplay notes that his upcoming album Living Legend is “coming on the way.” We can only hope.


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