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Papoose says he's better than Jay Z

Hey, remember Papoose? The rapper who was super cool to praise over a decade ago if you wanted some of that sweet, sweet Internet message board cred? Well, the 36-year-old is making headlines again, telling the New York Daily News that he’s better than Jay Z.


“Nobody is better than me — Jay-Z, nobody. None are more lyrically inclined than me. None of them. I’m definitely the king of New York. I am the greatest out of New York.


“When I look in the mirror, I don’t see Jay Z — I see Papoose. More power to him, but he’s not better than me.”

Hey, you can’t fault a guy for being confident.

Papoose also said a lack of commercial success — his long-awaited debut album The Nacirema Dream sold only 17,000 copies — won’t deter him from putting out new music:

“It’s not going to stop me. I’m going to release a body of music every month. I don’t feel like there’s no artist out there doing that.


My pen game is the most immaculate. I bring the most to the table on every level, concept, substance.”

You can head over to Dat Piff to download Papoose’s latest mixtape.

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