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Mt. Rushmore Project: Influential Southern Labels/People Pt. I


Back again with the new  Mount Rushmore Project. I know I promised in the last installment that I would be doing the artists next, but things happen. Plus, why not build up a little bit of intrigue for it?

The topic at hand for this installment is influential people or labels. When you think of the South, certain names just come to mind. So So Def, Jermaine Dupri, No Limit, Master P, Cash Money, Rap-A-Lot, J. Prince, Uncle Luke, Slip-n-Side, Suave House. The list can go on and on. It’s time to list the essential crème de la crème of the South.

Going up first on this Rushmore is a two-for-one special. No Limit/Cash Money is the first face to go up on the Rushmore of influential people/labels. Let’s face it, those two labels as well as the people behind them are largely responsible for the South being the force in the rap game that it is now. From Master P giving Jay-Z the blueprint to everything he’s done, to Cash Money building one of the biggest stars in rap from the ground up, to both of them showing people how to release independent albums constantly with a roster full of artists to Cash Money adding words to the dictionary and pop culture. It’s quite obvious why they both have to go up there and how it’s only right that they go up there together as one.

Next up is none other than the man behind probably the greatest underground label ever and the label itself. That’s right, the notorious J. Prince and Rap-A-Lot records are next ones up on the Rushmore of influential people/labels. J Prince founded Rap-A-Lot in the mid-80s and the label has been a force in the South and hip hop in general since. With no Rap-A-Lot Records we have no Scarface, Devin the Dude, Geto Boys, or Do or Die projects potentially. This label is the cornerstone for many of rap’s cornerstones. Not to mention all of the great things that J. Prince has done for hip hop in general. So of course it’s going to go up on the Rushmore of influential people/labels.

There we go people, the first two faces on the Mount Rushmore of influential people and labels from the south. Check back to see the final two that make the cut. Still got a lot of possibilities. From Pimp C to Trick Daddy to Uncle Luke and company to Slip-N-Slide to Dungeon Family. Only way to find out is to check back on Wednesday for part two.

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