Choppin' It Up: Outkast's Reunion at Coachella


When Nas and Jay-Z appearing on stage together isn’t the biggest thing in hip-hop over the course of a weekend, you know something special has happened. That something special is the reunion of Outkast, as they performed together for the first time in 10-something years. And what better way to return to rap than at the biggest concert series in Coachella.

There was some good, the fact that Outkast was actually on stage and it wasn’t a figment of our own imagination and  there was some bad (looks at the crowd). So myself and Ghost decided to chat it up on Southern hip-hop’s greatest act.

Trisity: One things on everybody’s mind right now: Outkast’s return at Coachella. It was a lot of good (and bad) that came from seeing the greatest hip-hop duo perform together for the first time in ten years, but before we get to that, how would you describe the feelings that arose when the duo hit the stage.

Ghost: When I first saw the lights darken and heard that “hootie hoo” I became hype as hell and giddy. Like a chick who just found the perfect pair of shoes. Kast last album was when I was in high school still (idlewild or SB/TLB whichever one you consider) so some almost ten years later it’s like I finally got an actual chance to see them perform. It was perfect.

Trisity: Agree. It had been an entire year since I felt this feeling (Dre & Snoop’s coachella set), but this was different. It’s Outkast, the messiah’s of Southern rap. It was glorious. And it began on a positive note wouldn’t you agree?

Ghost: Definitely agree that it started on a positive note. The fact that they kicked off the show with “Bombs Over Baghdad” and “Gasoline Dreams” and then went into the earlier albums delighted me. Feel like Stankonia doesn’t get it’s fair share of love. It was a hell of a way to start things.

Trisity: I missed the initial viewing of the concert , so when I woke the next morning, Twitter made things seem like it was a disaster, but I saw otherwise. Now I’ll ask you this: where did you think things took an awkward turn? For me, it was when Dre started the Love Below set. That killed the momentum of the set. I’ve alwYs been a huge TLB fan (though recently I prefer Speakerboxxx over it), but that’s not a concert album. At least not for one like Coachella.

Ghost: Definitely feel like things were going great and then TLB portion happened. I love that album even more than SB. It just wasn’t really the right place for it. Things really went downhill during “Roses”. Honestly had 3k just performed some of his guest verses like “Sorry”, “Pink Matter”, or “Players anthem” things probably wouldn’t have went so bad.


Trisity: Another issue spoken of was the crowd. While they didn’t react how id expect a large group to respond to seeing Outkast live, they weren’t that bad. It was obvious they weren’t too familiar with anything prior to Stankonia though.

Ghost: I mean to kinda slightly defend the crowd they had been out there basically all day long. Also how many of that crowd were older than me (24)? Plus it’s Coachella. Did we really expect that crowd to know “Hootie Hoo” or “Story Tellin”? I’ve seen Jigga struggle when going thru some if his anthems when he toured with Timberlake. Soo I mean come on.

Trisity: And like Hov, Outkast was performing to a group that wasn’t necessarily their core fan base. Looking at it all, it probably would have been best for Kast to start their tour off in Atlanta. I was watching the Dre/Snoop set earlier and them being in California was perfect. It was their crowd and regardless of the age group and time of the performance, that show was live. I mean it helps having Tupac there lol, but it was the perfect setting. Outkast seemed a bit different.

Also, was I the only one that got extremely excited when they brought out Future?

Ghost: Well we’ll see how ‘Kast and the fans react when ‘Kast performs at Counterpoint which is taking place just north of Atlanta in a couple of weeks. I’m really interested to see how 3k gets treated. Is it a “yes you’re back and we’re glad hometown hero” type deal or a “we love you and all but we’re sick of your shit to be honest” yup deal? Funny thing with Future. I get that he is Dungeon Fam by birth (Rico Wade’s little cousin) but honestly I’d trade those last two songs from him for the Killer Mike appearance. Speaking of I wonder how him not going on is gonna affect his relationship with Dre? Since it’s not the best of relationships to start with.

Trisity: For a minute, I wondered if the Future part was an attempt to reach out to the new generation. I agree on swapping he and Killer Mike. I was legitimately pissed they cut off the show there. We missed out on the Whole World. Could’ve gotten Flip Flock Rock. Snapping & Trappin. Bust. Huge fail on Coachella’s part there.

Ghost: I kinda agree with that reach out to the new generation thing but here’s my thing about that: Has Big Boi not even relevant enough to keep and introduce ‘Kast to a new generation of fans? Like I get he caught a brick with his last album sales wise (I blame Def Jam) but still. Did they plan on closing it with Killer or potentially Goodie? If not did they call an audible with Future?

Trisity: It seems like Big Boi’s fan base is those who love Outkast. I can’t see younger rap fans drawing to him. He’s never been too polarizing, at least compared to Andre, and he’ll never sacrifice his craft to reach out to the radio crowd.

Closing wise, it’d be smart to go with Killer Mike/Goodie. Future is cool, but he lacks a true connection to the duo. Maybe they alternate throughout the shows, depending on where they are. Hopefully at the Atlanta one all of DF is there.

Ghost: The whole polarizing in comparison to 3k thing baffles me. How Andre gets all the praise when if you really look at things Big has been the more consistent one. I guess it’s cause 3k is more eccentric, has a kid by Erykah Badu and is basically a walking enigma people are just drawn to him.

It’ll definitely be interesting to see how they handle closing out shows and potentially how they handle using Mike. Many still see him as Outkast little brother/tag a long. Almost like their version of Bleek.

Trisity: I often wonder if Dre’s inaccessiblility has a huge hand in his perception. People often love & overrate things they can’t necessarily get their hands on.
I’ll end this with a question about the future of Outkast: you think we’re getting an album after this or even more unlikely, an Andre 3K solo album? They’ve gotta capitalize off this buzz somehow.

Ghost: I feel like that’s exactly how we look at 3k. The whole you don’t miss it til it’s gone thing. I honestly think that he’s well aware of it too. Which is why he won’t appear in any videos that don’t feature outkast as a whole and what was the last track that did, players anthem?

Honestly hope nothing comes from this in terms of a new outkast album. None of their projects sound dated. I fear a new outkast album will end up like Goodie’s last album. I can live with a 3k album, depending upon the direction. I’m always here for a Big Boi album.

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