Sunday Station Change: Shakey Graves

This will be a new Sunday tradition here at Rhyme Junkie.

As the site’s editor, I love hip hop, obviously. Still, I, like many other hip hop fans, have other music interests that range outside of the genre. For that reason, every Sunday will see an artist from a different genre featured.

This isn’t an attempt to slowly turn this blog into Pitchfork, I promise you.

Anyway, our first artist is Texas native Shakey Graves. Some of you may recognize him as “that damn Swede” from the NBC show Friday Night Lights.

Others may know him as a rock and roll artist that hasn’t yet released a full-length studio album with a record label. Still, he’s making strides on the festival circuit, and has made his decision play completely solo work quite well. No band, nothing. It’s him, his guitars, and a drum that he controls with his feet while he plays. Top all that off with his powerful voice and clever ideas based on complicated finger pick riffs on the guitar, you have yourself a very fun Texas artist that is destined for bigger things.

It can be misconstrued that because he wears a cowboy hat, that he must also be a country artist to some capacity (note: there’s nothing wrong with being a country artist). He’s not. He’s from Texas, and a good number of folks do that. Not to sound snobby or out of it, but to place him in a genre wouldn’t necessarily make sense. Whether you’re listening to his recordings or his live stuff, he really does go all over the place. Here are a couple examples:

We’ll start with a recording from his independently-released album, Roll the Bones:

Lastly, we’ll go to his best stuff, in my opinion. His Audiotree sessions material really hits you when you hear him sing. The best example is the title track from the aforementioned album.

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