Death Grips releases surprise album featuring Bjork


Death Grips is the definition of experimental in the hip hop sphere, but this is completely out of left field. It was announced via Death Grips’ Facebook page that they would be releasing the album, titled niggas on the moon, featuring the veteran Icelandic vocalist Bjork.

This is how it reads on their page:

 this is “niggas on the moon”, featuring björk on all 8 tracks.

it is the first installment of our new double album, “the powers that b”, due out later this year on Harvest/Third Worlds Records.
the second disc is titled “jenny death”.
peace & love
have a sad cum bb

Beyond the group’s strange (yet, in their own way, not surprising) decision to go with Bjork, the album is (once again, not surprisingly) strange by itself. The group’s fans will live and die by the pop-free, experimental sound that Death Grips lives and dies by, but those who have have not heard this group may be thrown off by their sound.

For those who enjoy the experimental sound, if you let the album sink in, it’s a pretty easy album to get entranced into. While they stay as far away from traditional pop bar patterns as possible, there’s still a hidden groove that stays consistent throughout the album, and it’s a pretty fun ride in the process, trying to guess when the song is going to change completely.

Hint: songs on this album chang midway through pretty frequently.

The group is making the album available for free download here. If you want to test the waters first (highly recommended), you can stream the entire album for free on Youtube.

Here’s the album’s first track, if you want an immediate look. Still, I’d recommend listening to the whole album to get the full experience. This isn’t a single song-oriented album, that is for certain.

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