New video: Atmosphere, "We Ain't Gonna Die Today"

Atmosphere has been hard at it since the release of their newest album, titled Southsiders. They’ve released videos for “Bitter”, “Kanye West” and “Camera Thief” already (fun fact: I’m in a band, and said band’s drummer is in the “Bitter” video), and with this video, they have successfully made music for nearly a third of their album.

The video is directed by fellow Rhymesayers wordsmith Blueprint (who is currently on a tour of his own), and stars Bobby Silver and DJ Rare Groove.

This album, similar to their last couple albums, is a bit more guitar based, with looping sounds and even some delay(-ish sounding) effects on display pretty frequently. This song falls under that category, and it’s a good one.

Ant brought some of his best stuff on this album. The group is maturing musically, as they are in their own lives. I remember talking to Slug in February, and one thing he enjoyed bringing up was his kids and his wife. With that kind of maturity (a maturity that I do not know or fully understand yet, admittedly), their sound isn’t going to be Lucy Ford-esque anymore. It isn’t going to sound like God Loves Ugly.

But, still, it sounds like Atmosphere, and that is still a very good thing.


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