New video: Atmosphere, "We Ain't Gonna Die Today"

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Atmosphere has been hard at it since the release of their newest album, titled Southsiders. They’ve released videos for “Bitter”, “Kanye West” and “Camera Thief” already (fun fact: I’m in a band, and said band’s drummer is in the “Bitter” video), and with this video, they have successfully made music for nearly a third of their album.

The video is directed by fellow Rhymesayers wordsmith Blueprint (who is currently on a tour of his own), and stars Bobby Silver and DJ Rare Groove.

This album, similar to their last couple albums, is a bit more guitar based, with looping sounds and even some delay(-ish sounding) effects on display pretty frequently. This song falls under that category, and it’s a good one.

Ant brought some of his best stuff on this album. The group is maturing musically, as they are in their own lives. I remember talking to Slug in February, and one thing he enjoyed bringing up was his kids and his wife. With that kind of maturity (a maturity that I do not know or fully understand yet, admittedly), their sound isn’t going to be Lucy Ford-esque anymore. It isn’t going to sound like God Loves Ugly.

But, still, it sounds like Atmosphere, and that is still a very good thing.


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