Sunday Station Change: Vampire Weekend

This band could have actually fallen into our “Rock Stars in Hip Hop” category, but in order to show off more of their full catalog, it seemed important to give them a slot here.

Vampire Weekend is a band comprised entirely of smart dudes. They all met while attending Columbia University, and instantly clicked after learning of their shared interest in punk and African music. That combination may sound strange, but when you listen to their earliest music, especially their first couple albums, it seemed like they tapped into it perfectly.

Their first album was self-titled, and may go down as one of the top debut albums of all-time. Their blend of genres brought out the most unique of sounds. But man, did those sounds make sense together.

The band, comprised of lead singer Ezra Koenig, guitarist/keyboards Rostam Batmanglij, drummer Chris Tomson and bassist Chris Baio, has stayed completely intact since the beginning. Vampire Weekend has stuck the same lineup since the release of their first album  Since that 2007 release, they’ve released two more albums, Contra and Modern Vampires of the City. The latter of the two came out in 2011, and remains one of, if not the best album that has come out since its release.

They’ve completely changed their sound, but Koenig’s unique voice, along with their unique blend of sounds and tastes make it easy for fans to figure out that it’s them.

They’re now working on a new album, which is apparently going to sound darker and “more organic”. It’s always tough to guess what this group is going to sound like on an upcoming album, but it’s probably going to be good. Normally, it isn’t fair to be that confident in a band, but they’re 3-3 with two grand slams and a triple thus far.  It’s tough to imaging a world where a bad Vampire Weekend album exists. It doesn’t yet.

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