Rock the Garden 2014 day 1 mini-review

We’re halfway through the lineup of Rock the Garden 2014, and two thirds through the impressive hip hop lineup.

For starters, here was yesterday’s crowd on the beautiful Minneapolis day.

We had Lizzo start the entire event off, and pretty early on, it was clear that she had captivated the crowd. She played some of her best jams, but funny enough, the song that seemed to get the crowd vibing the most was a track called “Batches and Cookies”. Part of that may have been because she had teased the crowd with cookies. We never received such compensation.  

Fun fact: hip hop fanatics would love Matt & Kim, an electronic/rock duo from Brooklyn (and the band that preceded De La Soul), very much in a live setting. They incorporate hip hop into their set more than just about anyone that isn’t a hip hop act. Heck, they played more recognizable hip hop tracks than De La Soul.

Okay, onto the legends. Firstly, De La Soul sported a full band, and the band was funky as can be. They decided to close their set with band introductions, which seemed a bit strange, but it worked in its own way.

They played all their hits, including “Saturday”, “Me, Myself and I”, and even busted out “Feel Good Inc”, their hit collaboration with the Gorillaz.

Here’s a very blurry picture of them on-stage. We’ll have better photos when we post our full review. We’ll be back out there to see Dessa  today. Stay tuned.

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