New track: B.o.B. feat. Sevyn Streeter "Swing My Way"

I have a soft spot for B.o.B.

No, he isn’t Eminem with his lyrics (though, he does have a good track with Em where he spits pretty well), but he hit it big in the underground in my early college years, and got really big right in the thick of my junior year. Some might say he sold out. Maybe he did, but there’s still a cool fusion of pop, hip hop, and rock in the majority of his iffy first album.

This new song, “Swing My Way”, is undoubtedly in that pop/rap fusion area where it gets uncomfortable, but there’s still something there with Bobby Simmons. There always is. The track will go on his new mixtape No Genre 2. Be on the lookout for it, if that’s your style.

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