Busta Rhymes Chops It Up With Sway

The one and only Busta Rhymes chopped it up with Sway on yesterday’s episode of Sway in the Morning on Shade 45, and the two legendary hip hoppers touched on a number of subjects. Throughout the hour-long interview, broken up into three videos below, Busta spoke on advice Nas’ brother Jungle gave him about going solo, whether or not he’s ruling out a Leaders of the New School reunion, doing so many guest appearances, Total Slaughter, the Loaded Lux diss track, leaving Cash Money, “Calm Down” ft. Eminem, his upcoming album Extinction Level Event 2 and more.

Busta also dropped a bomb on us when he notes that he was originally supposed to do “Halftime,” produced by Large Professor. Apparently, Bus was at work with Extra P but was unable to lay down the verses he wanted to on that given night. Since Large Pro and his camp were moving so fast at the time, before he knew it, the track was given to Nas in the blink of an eye.

Turn up your volume, hip hop heads, and enjoy the full interview:

Keep your eyes peeled for Busta Rhymes and his upcoming album Extinction Level Event 2, which he says is currently set to be released some time in November.

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